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Why is Sustainability Important to Us? 

The environment is especially important to us. As a company that makes botanical extracts, it is important to help keep the environment healthy and thriving.

We do this by having a sustainable model in our business. It is with this model we contribute to saving the biomes, improving the environment, and giving back to communities.

This post will highlight what we are doing to have an environmentally sustainable business model and why it is important to us.


How Are We Doing Our Part? 

We are leaving a legacy of sustainability by making sure the water is fresh and devoid of pollution. We believe in growing our plant material by organic means. We do not use chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or other laboratory-produced ways of growing crops. We work with the natural environment, from the rich soils to the watercourses, in order to help the ecosystem in the region thrive. Our end-goal for sustainability is to create a zero-waste business model.

Leading the Way 

We hope to lead the way and provide an example to follow for other companies. We hope to inspire them to take on the responsibility to help repair the climate and implement the plans needed to clean the environment. We can no longer continue to go down the path we are headed for our planet. If we do nothing, we will not have a livable planet. Climate sustainable actions must be taken to help the planet heal.

What is Fair Trade and How do we Incorporate it?

In our drive to help the regions in which we have our crops, we employ Fair Trade practices. Fair Trade is the relationship between companies in developed countries and the producers of countries that are developing. We do this by providing transparent communication and mutual respect. This respect is shown by improving trade conditions, paying fair wages for their crops, and helping fight for the rights of producers who are being exploited for their crops. Employing Fair Trade practices also means improving the working conditions for the farmers.

We are striving every day to receive our Fair Trade certification. We wish to be part of the solution regarding increasing the quality of life for marginalized farmers, producers, and workers. We also work toward working within the ecosystem of the developing country to maintain sustainability and help build a better future for the people and the land. We create job opportunities, aid by teaching marketable skills, and we give back by investing the country’s infrastructure.


We are Certified by the US and the EU


Our commitment to using at least 95% organic ingredients has gained allowed us to receive the National Organic Program certification from the USDA.

the EC certification

Our policy and practice of shunning the use of GMOs, inorganic materials, and working with the ecosystem, has gained us the EC certification from the EU. 

We also believe in biodiversity, and do everything we can maintain fertile soil, and protect the environment. We are also committed to being transparent in our labeling. Our actions, beliefs, and continuing practices have earned us the certifications above.

Our Business Strong Connection to Sustainability 

Without a sustainable business model and building a sustainable business model, our business could not thrive. Depleting the land of its rich minerals and soil would mean contributing to the downfall of the ecosystem in the region. We would then have to travel elsewhere to find producers of the plant material we are looking to refine. This would also mean tarnishing our brand name and diminishing our chances of being successful. If we did not strive for sustainable development, opportunities to work with other developing countries would dwindle, leaving us with few options.

Helping the farmers grow their crops organically means a better way of life for the farmers and a better product from farm to finished extract.

Putting Fair Trade practices into our business model is truly relevant to us as a botanical production company. We rely on farmers to grow the plant material will refine and make into the extracts we will pass onto you. We cannot, in good faith, provide the highest quality if we do not do everything in our power to make that happen. Working with the farmers and farm workers to improve their way of life helps to ensure a mutual, beneficial, and sustainable development. Working with the natural environment means that relationship can last indefinitely. 

What this Means for You?

Though it may seem the price point for the finished product is a little higher than most, working with us means you are also helping to improve the lives of those who grow the product you are enjoying.