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essential oils

Essential oils have been around for centuries and used for a myriad of reasons. From perfume to pharmaceuticals, no herbal preparation is more versatile.

essential oils

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the oils that are distilled from plant materials, more commonly herbals and florals. They are known for high concentrations of compounds which can be used in the food, pharmaceutical, and perfume industries.

Essential oils can be used in cooking oils, cosmetics, massage oils, mineral baths, and many other preparations.

They are all natural, which makes them more desired than synthetic fragrances and additives.

Why are essential oils important?

Unlike synthetic ingredients for flavoring and fragrances, essential oils do not harm the environment. From manufacture to use, essential oils are green oils.

A little goes a long way with essential oils. Since they are highly concentrated, you don’t need to use much of the product your recipes and commercial products.

Are there different kinds of essential oils?

There are two types of essential oils:

Simple essential oils that are used through traditional distillation. This is the boiling of the plant material and piping the vapor through tubes which are then cooled. The cooling produces the essential oil. The price per essential oil depends on the quality of the plant and from where it grows.

Absolut essential oils are oils that are made using plant materials whose oils cannot be extracted through traditional means. Absolut oils are more expensive than traditional oils because they use more of the plant to produce the oil. It would take more than 30 roses to make one drop of rose absolute oil.

What are the different grades of essential oils?

There are three grades of essential oils. The different grades correlate to their uses.

Grade A: Therapeutic

This essential oil is sourced from organic plant materials is not diluted to make them more affordable. Grade A oils are mostly used in aromatherapy treatments and other medicinal applications.

They are painstakingly distilled to extract as much oil out of the plant material being used. This makes a more potent oil and a highest quality item.

Grade A essential oil plant matter is normally sourced from the plant’s country of origin to maintain the quality of the oil.

Grade B: Food grade

These oils can be a minefield to navigate. These oils are often diluted with carrier oils and have preservatives added to them to greater longevity. These additives can be toxic.

Food grade essential oils are diluted, or cut, for more profits and cheaper prices. The oils are not as potent as Grade A and not as reliable in terms of therapeutic use.

Many food fragrances and artificial cooking extracts fall in this category.

Grade C: Perfume grade

Much like Grade B, they are highly diluted for profit and often contain toxic chemicals.

They are not to be digested.

This is not to say that there are perfumes on the market that are not high quality.

Where do I buy essential oils?

With all the essential oil companies today, it can be a headache to find the one for your needs. You can spend hours and even days researching companies, or you can look for a company that is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality essential oils for all your product needs.

Apotec Bay is environmentally conscious, a sustainable company, and will work hard for you to give you the essential oils you are looking to purchase in bulk. We work hard to cater to all your specifications and needs.

Apotec bay uses state-of-the-art extraction methods that are friendly to the environment. We also source from villages. We work with them to improve their way of life and to keep the plant materials as pure as possible.

Let us work for you the way we work for the environment.

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