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Turmeric, Health Benefits and Therapeutic Preparations

Turmeric (Curcuma longa), the herb more commonly used for Indian dishes, is now recognized by the scientific community for its healing power as well. The same herb used in curries and stews has medicinal properties.

Let’s delve deeper into the world of this wonderful herb, and see what it’s known for, how best to use it, and why you should trust us for all your Turmeric extract needs.

What does Turmeric do? 


To understand the herb, you have to understand the active compound in it “Curcumin.” The main compound of Turmeric, Curcumin, has been testing and proven to have many healing qualities. This has added Turmeric to the list of herbal supplements, or food supplement, lists. It has shown to be active at the cellular level. This simply means it is highly recommended when it comes to promoting and supporting good health. Curcumin has been known to help treat inflammation, lessen metabolic syndrome, aid in pain management, and even shows potency in treating eye diseases and swelling. Due to its nature, it is often paired with piperine, a compound in black pepper, to boost its absorption within the body. This means that the health benefits of a Turmeric supplement can range from anti-inflammatory to anticancer.

What is “Metabolic Syndrome” and Why is a Turmeric Supplement Recommended?

“Metabolic Syndrome” is a blanket term for a cluster of ailments who have the tendency of presenting together. These ailments can put you at higher risk for contracting a stroke and type 2 diabetes. High blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol and triglycerides as well as being obese are a few examples of this.

A Turmeric supplement is highly recommended because of curcumin. The list of Turmeric benefits is extensive. This food supplement has been tested and proven effective in treating degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, arthritis, and heart disease. Turmeric Curcumin can increase brain function and memory. It has had positive results in the treatment of depression. The more recent accomplishment, which has been researched since 1987, is its ability to retard cancerous tumor growth in ovarian cancer.

How to Use Curcumin?

Though this herb has been used, most notably, in curries, stews, butters, and cheeses, it has also been made into food supplement preparations. These preparations include: Decoctions, Tinctures, Capsules, Linaments, Ointments, and Extracts.

Of these, the extract preparation is most versatile of all of the above listed. It can be used in drinks, lotions, cooking preparations, and more. The other benefit of Turmeric Extract; it reduces the number of pills one takes as a food supplement. The latter alone can be a boon for many who open their medicine cabinets to a plethora of prescription pills.


Turmeric extract

How Potent is a Turmeric Extract?

This generally depends on the strength of the curcumin in the Turmeric itself. Potency can differ within the same strain of Turmeric depending on how and where it is grown and processed. However, an extract is a stronger preparation than a decoction, or tea. Where a liniment or ointment may seem more potent, unless you cover the treated area, most of the topical will be transferred elsewhere. Tinctures, often seen as the cousin to extracts, are alcohol-based, which will rule out many who don’t drink. Yes, the capsules are the most concentrated, but again you have the issue with adding yet more pills to someone’s regimen. Turmeric extract is the most potent preparation when you factor in its versatility.


At APOTEC BAY, we can provide our clients with Turmeric extracts. Our screening and testing process for Turmeric, and any other herbal we offer, is stringent to maintain the highest possible quality of raw turmeric. From the initial contact to the finished product, we pledge to deliver high quality turmeric to our clients specifications and international standards, whether its on a lab scale or industrial scale.