Supercritical CO2 Contract Extraction


In APOTEC BAY, our clients are offered a wide range of services to meet their business needs professionally and promptly.

Supercritical CO2 Contract Extraction and Our services includes contract extraction, laboratory analytics and research and development. 

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Contract Extraction

With our Supercritical CO2 Contract Extraction Services , we can provide top of the range extracts for your specific purposes. Our plant facilities and superb infrastructure enables us to handle different quantities of raw materials whether they are just hundred kilos in the lab scale or thousand tons in the plant production. At our plant, we are able to provide our clients with extracts subject to high pressure up to 1000 bars that allows to caption selective substances in the products. Our shift operation system, allows us to provide thousand tons of extracts and natural substances to our clients to satisfy their business demands. Our CO2 extraction technology equipped with two separators guarantees to our clients the fractionation. If you are interested in certain types of extract, then just advise us on the specifics, whether it’s a large order or its your extract that you are interested in or its your raw materials that you want to extract.

At APOTEC BAY, your contract extraction is monitored from the crop selection stage till delivery to your plant door. 

Our Supercritical CO2 Contract Extraction process starts from the early step of crop selection to guarantee product quality and safety to our clients. Because not only detecting each step in the growing and preparation of raw materials assure the best product, at APOTEC BAY we inspect each stage in the contract extraction process until we deliver the demanded products to the clients while meeting international quality standards and satisfying the clients quality expectation. 


Our consultancy provides expert advice on various topics including botanical products and their uses. This advisory service combines the state-of-the-art research and technological know-how with the time-honoured traditions of plant-based medicine, nutrition and cosmetics. Our consultancy services Laboratory Analytics as well as other services.

Quality Check Point 


At APOTEC BAY, analyzing plant compounds is an essential step in our operation. Our labs are considered a prior and a post check point to the production cycle; it starts with examining the raw material received from our wide farmers connection to assure the quality of our extracts from the very beginning. And, since we consider ourselves as a partner to our clients’ successful business, we make sure that our extracts are precisely analyzed and examined as we vision the well-being of our clients’ customers. At our labs, we assure that all products aspects as raw materials and as finished products is accurately examined whether a physical, chemical, or microbiology test. This provides a peace of mind to our clients when dealing with us. 

Other Services

Our labs allow you access to best-in-class equipment and our expertise also, in order to develop the next generation of breakthrough plant-based products.


Some of the hi-tech scientific capabilities available at our plant laboratory include:

  • TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography)
  • GCMS (Gas Chromatography Mass)
  • HPLC DAD Detector
  • Spectrometer

Research and Development 

At APOTEC BAY, our innovation has no limits. Our team aim is not just creating new recipes or flavors to you, but to assure that the new product has a successful launch in the market. It is because APOTEC BAY is your partner for a successful business. 

Whether you are looking for a gradual product development or a significant product change, our new CO2 technology and our experienced R&D team can perfectly harmonize between the benefits of such new technology and the needs of your consumers, to provide you with the best match of your product development.  

With our research and development department, you can achieve numerous targets for your business enhancement; whether you need to improve the nutritional value of your products, enhance the sensory properties, or improve food safety.