Soft Extracts

Soft Extracts

We extend our business to serve our clients with all extract solutions that match their different applications while maintaining naturality in all our products. We extract the botanical essence of herbs and spices whether you need it soluble in water or soluble in oil by using polar and non-polar nontoxic solvents. By this, we serve the F&B, Nutraceutical, and Cosmetics industries with botanical solutions of high potency and premium quality with 100% natural guarantee.

Every extract is produced to keep the original essence of any item. We use a gentle manufacturing process to extract rich and natural flavors, colors, aromas, and active substances from herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables, and nuts. All of this is to reach the best condition of each product without any artificial additives.

Flexibility is the best option

The formulation of the soft extracts refers to intermediate consistency between liquid and dry extracts. Out of that base, flexibility became a valid option. Thus, soft extracts give your recipe a high potency to align with diverse applications like cosmetics, health products, and nutraceuticals. This step can upgrade your product to the quality standards as a purely natural product that obviously reflects on customers’ preferences.

Carob Soft Extract


Chamomile Soft Extract
Cumin Soft Extract
Curcuma Longa Soft Extract
Fenugreek Soft Extract
Garlic Soft Extract
Ginger Soft Extract
Malva Soft Extract
Moringa Soft Extract
Olive Leaves Soft Extract
Senna Soft Extract
Strawberry Leaves Soft Extract
Tamarind Soft Extract