Essential Oils

The Finest Essential Oils

Essential oil extraction is a practice that dates back before civilization and has since been adapted every year through technologies and new ideas. The properties of plant essential oils make them suitable for use in fragrances, cosmetics, health, and beauty products. They are usually obtained from different parts of plants including leaves, flowers, seeds, fruit, and stem back of aromatic plants.

Best-grade Natural Oils For Various Possible

Egypt is a renowned grower of plants rich in essential oils. At APOTEC BAY we are harnessing this great potential to serve our worldwide customers with the best essential oils naturally produced and purely processed. Essential oils occur as a result of metabolism in plants. To sustain the availability of these products in the market, we source and also cultivate these plants, then extract the oils using innovative steam distillation procedures. 

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Caraway Essential Oil
Celery Seed Essential Oil
Coriander Essential Oil
Curcuma Longa Essential Oil
Marjoram Essential Oil
Oregano Essential Oil