CO2 Extracts

CO2 Extraction at APOTEC BAY

Using CO2 as an extraction medium, we obtain various active natural ingredients from plants for use in diverse industrial and business settings. This method is considered the cleanest and most gentle method of extraction. Besides, it enhances the quality of the final product by offering the best level of separation of active substance essence from the other components of the plant.

APOTEC BAY is committed to producing and supplying the best quality products in the industry.

Our Supercritical CO2 Extracts

Now more than ever, the world’s demand for natural ingredients and pure raw materials is at an all-time high. We are committed to meeting global demands for natural and clean label products and strive to maintain our reputation as the top supplier of botanical extracts.  

Our supercritical CO2 extraction preserves exceptional pure and solvent-free extracts like essential oil and oleoresin. 

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Basil CO2 Extract
Black Pepper CO2 Extract
Garlic CO2 Extract
Licorice CO2 Extract
Sage CO2 Extract
Spearmint CO2 Extract
Wheat-Bran/Tocopherol CO2 Extract