Natural Products Testing Services

We are at the forefront of making regulatory compliance possible for our clients through expert laboratory analysis of botanical plants, extracts, and their end products. Plant chemistry is quite complex and requires the scientific knowledge and experience of a team like ours to ensure accurate results. With complicated techniques of extraction and production, adulteration is way too common, therefore quality testing needs to be conducted before your extract or product is deemed market-ready.

APOTEC BAY Labs Difference

We demonstrate a level of analytical expertise and professionalism that is second to none. More so, choosing a reputable laboratory like ours to analyze your products will speak volumes about your commitment to quality standards. We’ll choose the appropriate analytical technique that matches each of your individual test samples so that they can each be confirmed for compliance with standard requirements.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are accredited by relevant governing bodies in Egypt.
  • Our analytical scope covers all botanical plants, ingredients, and extracts.
  • We have the best lab fitted with the latest analytical and testing equipment to guarantee accurate results.
  • Each client gets a dedicated analytical manager who ensures your needs are met.
  • Our analytical team is always accessible if you need to discuss your results or test report.

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