Health & Nutrition


Natural Product for Improved Nutrition & Wellness

The active ingredients in botanical extracts play a significant role in promoting health and are proven to enhance the efficacy of drugs and dietary supplements. We supply pure ingredients such as CO2 extracts, oleoresins, and residue-free dried extracts containing phytochemicals that help in maintaining health and wellness. APOTEC BAY serves pharmaceuticals, nutraceutical, and other health-related industries with raw materials that improve the efficacy of their finished products.

Bio-active Ingredients for Treatment and Healing

Our “clean label” CO2 extracted ingredients are sourced from organic and GMO-free botanical plants thereby making our products sustainable. We are committed to maintaining product quality in a bid to serve our partners and customers with authentic supplies tailored to their various applications.

Our extraction process is gentle, selective, and precise, allowing us to obtain only the active ingredients needed as raw materials. Natural CO2 extracts, especially the quality ones sourced from Egypt- are proven to improve health, nutrition, and wellness.


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