Food & Beverage


With the rising concerns over the impact of synthetic ingredients in food, forward-thinking food and beverage businesses now use natural ingredients purely extracted using supercritical CO2 extraction. At APOTEC BAY, our botanical extracts and ingredients are residue and solvent-free, containing all the active components that provide the biological benefits your customers are looking to enjoy.

Whether you need natural herbs, spices and fruit extracts for your Food, beverages, or Nutraceutical extracts for your food, you can rely on us to supply you with the best quality ingredients.

Inspiring Tasty Dishes and Drinks

While the taste of food is the most savored part, we all believe that we first eat them with our eyes and nose before digging in. With our natural ingredients and extracts, you’ll start creating tasty and eye-catching meals, food products, and drinks your customer will love. We supply purely sourced Egyptian coloring ingredients, spices, oleoresins, and a variety of dried extracts that add value to your edibles.

As one of the largest producers and supplier of natural CO2 extracts for the food and beverage ingredients sourced from Egypt, we offer products that serve various businesses worldwide. All our products are extracted under strict guidance and monitoring to ensure organic quality and purity.

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