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CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction

Extraction methods have come a long way from the traditional method of placing the raw material in either vinegar, oil, or clear alcohol and then shaking for a few weeks to extract the desired substances. Now, there are more efficient ways of extracting the natural substances of the plant matter for clinical and reformulation purpose. In this post, we will cover one of the newest state-of-art methods: CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction. 

What is CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction?

In short, it is the implementation of carbon dioxide in its liquid state to extract bioactive compounds, such as curcumin from Turmeric. This process is eco-friendly, or “green” when compared to using other organic solvents.

How Does it Work?

CO2 supercritical fluid Extraction is conditioned above 31.1°C (87.98°F) and 7.4MPa. By doing this, the CO2 is primed to extract only the compounds of various flora that are needed for medicinal and culinary uses. Pressurizing the carbon dioxide allows for complete permeation of the liquid into the plant matter more effectively than traditional methods or other laboratory extractions.

The CO2 can be “tuned”. This means the liquid can be adjusted, by using pressure and temperature, to target specific compounds in the matrices of leaves, seeds, flowers, and other parts of various plants that contain the active compounds. Direct targeting virtually eliminates the need for further processing to exclude toxins and other contaminants.

Supercritical CO2 extraction

What Does CO2 Supercritical Fluid Extraction Yield?

The result of using the CO2 supercritical fluid extraction method is a product with longer shelf stability. It also yields high-grade products usable by both the medical and food industries.

What Does this Do to the Processing Time?

While other conventional methods can take weeks from start to finish in order to produce an extract, using the CO2 supercritical fluid extraction method cuts down the manufacturing time to no more than sixty (60) minutes, making it the most efficient method to date.

Why is it Called a “GREEN” Process?

During the process explained above, the matrices of the flora is dispersed, and the macerated plant material is swept out of the extraction cell, leaving little to no waste. What is left can be used for composting purposes.

What Does this Mean for You?

This means several orders can be filled in relatively little time, providing a rapid turn-around from order to fulfillment and delivery. Efficiency of processing means more high-quality product to you in a rapid, thorough, and precise manner.

We Never Stop Fulfilling our Commitment to You and the Environment.

By using the CO2 supercritical extraction method, we are continuing our unwavering commitment to bring you the most effective and highest quality product for your reformulations. In using this extraction method,  we persevere in our quest to maintain healthy manufacturing processes for our employees and puts us one step closer to a fully sustainable business model that maintains ecosystem health.

We are always striving to manufacture the best products possible in a toxin-free and environmentally safe manner. In doing so, we never cease looking for more efficient ways to create the products you need without sacrificing quality.