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Caraway Essential Oil 

APOTEC BAY Carawy Essential Oil

Botanical Name

Carum carvi L.




Steam Distillation


Ancient Egypt


The caraway plant is an erect, herbaceous, biennial herb with a thick tuberous rootstock. Caraway crop requires a dry temperate climate and thrives well in tilled soils, rich in humus at an elevation of 3000–4000 m. Caraway is basically a biennial but usually treated as an annual from crop production techniques. It is widely used as a spice for culinary purpose and for flavoring various food products. Due to the presence of several functional properties in caraway, such as being carminative, anti-flatulent, antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-fungal and galactagogue, the use of Carum carvi seed and extractives is very popular in the treatment of animals for various ailments. As a veterinary medicine, the caraway herb is more a popular remedy than the fruit.


Caraway (Carum carvi L.) is widely cultivated all over the world. It is among the widely used spices which are used as crude or essence in various food products for its pleasant flavor and antispoilage properties. The caraway seeds contain essential oils rich in nutraceutical compounds used as food supplements and plant-based medicine. Experimental evidences show that the essential oils (essence) and active ingredients such as carvone possess antioxidant and antimicrobal properties. Evidence shows that the essential oils are more effective when used as mixture suggesting the additive effects of the oil components.


Content of Essential Oil:

3%- 7% essential oil

Main Constituents:

(s)(+)-Carvone (50%-85%), Dihydrocarvone, Carveol, Dihydrocarveol, Up to 50% Limonene  



Food, Cosmetics, Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries.



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*Keep away from children.


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