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The Black and White Pepper Extract

Pepper, a staple in every restaurant and many houses all over the world by chefs and household cooks is the highlight of this post. It has been used for millennia and was one of the main spices in the spice trade throughout history.

Through the years, many have said it has healing and therapeutic properties. The earliest recorded research on the National Library of Medicine dates to 2013 but contains remarkably interesting information. In this post, we will delve into the two types of peppercorns, where they derive, their differences and similarities. We will also list some cautions as well.

The Origins of Black and White Peppers

No matter the color, both peppercorns are from the piper nigrum climbing plant. In fact, they are the same peppercorn, which leads to the first contrast.

The black peppercorns are made by taking the unripe fruit, drying it and then cooking the fruit. The white pepper is produced by cooking and then drying the ripe seeds.

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What is Piperine? 

Piperine is the main compound found in piper nigrum which is being tested to this day. Of the properties they are testing with positive results include -the ability to change how the immune system works, its antioxidant properties, its ability to aid the in treatment of asthma and other breathing related illnesses, and its efficacy in treating inflammation. There is also positive results in this compound being used as an anticarcinogen. Its aid in being a treatment for ulcers is also coveted. There are ongoing to tests to discover more healing properties. Much all other botanicals, the scientific testing to ensure these claims takes time and meticulous methods. Although herbalism and holistic healing have been used for millennia, the mainstream health industry is only now noticing and testing the botanicals.

White Pepper!

White pepper extract has been used to aid in upset stomachs and diarrhea. It has been known to fight the bacterial infection linked to cholera. The extract has also been utilized for malaria and cancer treatments.

Mixed with ointments or lotions, the extract can lend its warming and healing properties for pain management and reducing swelling.


Black Pepper!

The fruit of the plant made into extract form can help with memory and brain function. It has also been known to help the gastro-intestinal tract. Black Pepper extract is used to help fight inflammation. It has shown positive results in fighting microbes that cause illness and has also exhibited antidepressant properties. Other testing has shown black pepper extracts to improve nutrient absorption in the body.



As there are many interactions with prescription medications, it is recommended that a pamphlet with said warnings be included in your final product.

White Pepper Extract 

You can blend this extraction with other extractions to make the remedy more potent, but it is not recommended that you mix it with herbals such as Angelica, Danshen, Garlic, Ginger, Gingko, Red Clover, Turmeric, Willow, Panax Ginseng, Devil’s Claw, Fenugreek, Guar Gum, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola and/or Sparteine as it may either block the full healing capabilities of the aforementioned or boost their properties to dangerous levels.

Black Pepper Extract

It is not recommended that you blend this extraction with others that are liver tonics as it may not allows the other herbs in the blend to do their jobs to their fullest.

Other Applications

In the beauty world, many have added White Pepper to facial masks and exfoliating soaps and cleansers. This is in the belief that it can stimulate the skin cells and promote a healthy glow while reducing any puffiness. White Pepper is used mainly for its heat and for aesthetic purposes In cooking. Many chefs use White Pepper in white sauces. This allows them to have the heat they desire without the black spots in the sauce from its counterpart. This pepper does expire at a faster rate than Black Pepper and does not have as many complex tasting notes.

In using black pepper in cooking, many have added it to savory dishes and spicy dishes to produce a different flavor profile.

Either one is to be avoided when making sweets as it tends to shock the palette.

In Closing

White and black pepper extracts is another example in nature of how one plant is able to produce different supplements or holistic medicine As there is constantly more discoveries being documented in the field of natural health and holistic healing, we are looking forward to seeing how many more applications these two extractions may have.

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