Our Story


APOTEC BAY honors the rich legacy of our Egyptian botanical tradition while infusing it with the best of modern technology. Throughout the centuries in Upper Egypt, there was a city known for its use of herbs and spices as part of the normal daily life. This city called “Abu-Tig” and was recognized as a primary hub of best quality herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables that were used for various purposes like healing, food, nutrition, and different medical purposes. The city name “Abu-Tig” means “Warehouse of Medicine” in the pharaonic Egyptian language. Later in modern time, the word “Abu-Tig” transformed into “Apotec” in the Latin language.We have distilled the ‘essence’ of the ancient Abu-Tig city and translated it into a modern company that today exports the world’s best botanical extracts to six continents.

APOTEC BAY is your premiere international hub of extracts, essential oils, and fixed oils. As a business-to-business company, we supply the food & beverages,

cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries with the finest quality in oils and extracts. Our range also extends into fresh produce and associated botanical services. Always ahead of competition, APOTEC BAY continually adopts the latest technology in all production processes. Using state-of-art machinery and employing a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, we ensure that the best quality of essential oils and herbal extracts are provided to you with the most convenience at the reasonable costs.


APOTEC BAY is a truly Egyptian company with a global vision. We comply with major international guidelines, and have international accreditation such as EC, NOP, and JAS as we are ushering in a new era of quality in the botanical products and services industry. What sets us apart is our passion, scientific methodologies, cutting-edge technology, and our attention to every detail.

We pride ourselves on being a reliable business partner that can satisfy our customers’ production needs 365 days of the year. We guarantee a consistent availability of products, regardless of the quantity or season. We also provide many bespoke/value added services and can customize our production to fit the exact requirements of our customers.

By partnering with us, our customers are guaranteed to get the highest quality, a sustainable supply, and accurate consultancy. That’s why APOTEC BAY is truly THE WORLD’s hub for botanical extracts, and we would love to become yours.

Get in touch and we’ll help to guide you through your procurement process to find the most cost-efficient solutions for your business needs.

What We Do?


APOTEC BAY was born out of our passion for botanical products, a love for Egyptian agricultural heritage, an entrepreneurial spirit, a scientific advantage, and a desire to lead innovation.


We are excited because this combination is what sets us apart. It means that we can offer our customers true brilliance: the widest range of botanical products at the highest quality.


Our passion for botanicals and Egyptian agriculture meant that we had to source the best raw materials and process them to the highest quality.


We produce large quantities of luxuriant, healthy plants bursting with potency. A strategic geographical area to produce the best herbs, spices and plans available, with the widest range of biodiversity.


For example, we produce every herb and spice from the exotic Hibiscus to the more mediteranean Rosemary, Basil and the temperate Peppermint, not to mention plants with age-old medicinal properties like Sage, Caraway, Fennel and Chamomile. Our entrepreneurial spirit meant that we would set out to provide  our customers  with  exceptional value for money.

Our scientific advantage is derived from our industry expertise combined with our advanced technology that is the best in the business.


This streamlines our business and reduces our long term cost of production. Our willingness to lead in innovation means that we are also committed to excellence, local adaptation and vertical integration.

We’re also committed to improving the economic development of the regions where we operate.


Apotec Bay aims to fill the gap of lack of product sustainability in all seasons without compromising quality standards, which provides our customer with the best-fitting solutions. Our differentiation can be summarized in the following:

How We Do It?

Benefiting from the premium quality of Egyptian fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices to provide oils and extracts of high quality in local and international markets.


We strive to be a world-leading company in botanical extraction industry through our Laboratory and Research & Development department by applying updated scientific methods in all stages of our production and by embedding the standards of different international inspection bodies.

Crop Selection

We choose where to grow our botanicals based on the plant biological and physical characteristics to get the best quality and yield from this plant.


We set strict criteria of seeds selection.


We ensure that all farms we partner with provide stable production rate and follow our guidelines for quality standards.


We apply state-of-art extraction technology to prevent extract quality degradation.

Product Testing

We apply different tests to ensure product concentration and purity to meet our quality standards and required specs.

Final Product

Botanical extracts are packed, sealed, labeled, stored and getting ready for customers.

Our Mission

Our Mission

We source premium Egyptian herbs and spices as raw materials to manufacture extracts and oils of the highest quality. We serve the local and international markets at competitive prices with quick turnaround.


We strive to be a world-leading producer of botanical extracts. We do this through our Laboratory, which utilize the latest scientific methods in all stages of our production. We work to attain the highest international standards in all areas of our operation.